Travis campaign

Morris's Letter

“Dearest Fappers and Dappers,

I haven’t had a drink in 4 weeks. I haven’t had a woman in longer. I’ve just returned from a mission where I was tortured. Yet I’ve never felt so alive. My father trusts me and my brothers respect my skills. Redemption has been sweet, and the tide of war is changing. I miss you all. There is more, but Dresden will have to tell you himself; I don’t dare leave it in writing.

If I could embrace you all, I would. It’s different out here and I realize now what great friends I had. I love you all.

Dresden delivers you this letter and gives you more news that wasn’t written down. Morris has been running intel missions and discovered:

-the dwarves plan to strategically place ships around Hangman’s Rest to prevent people coming or going, the long-term plan being to starve them out
-the dwarves are looking for mercenaries to aid in the fight against the Dragonborn



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