Travis campaign

Tenth Session

August 9, 2013

The party having just defeated the mysteries demons of Ice, relax atop the boat for a bit of sport. Akmenos decides to take the boots of the Ice Demon which grant him power to walk on water by making the water under his feet freeze like ice.

The game the party plays on deck is a contest to see who can give the heartiest of slaps. Akmenos comes out on top harnessing his arcane powers to enhance his hearty back slapping ability.

A ball of light comes from the sky and examines the party. The ball of light decides that the party is very interesting and that they have potential. He notices the “little devil” the ring of truth on Morris’s finger and remarks that he could get that thing off no problem. Morris who isn’t interested in the jovial nature of the ball of light shoots balls of fire at it only to have the fire pass through seemingly doing no damage whatsoever. The light says that he be watching them, and that they would certainly be seeing him again.

The boat sails on for several days. Archi approaches Akmenos and remarks that he believe Akmenos isn’t like the others. That he probably understands what it means to need to do anything to protect what is important to you. Archi says what a great sacrifice it is to kill the bullywugs but that he gladly does it for the safety of his people. Archi also says that he knows humans have treated his kind as an outcast in the past, but that after his job, he will be welcome among them. Akemons does not respond favorably to being warmed up.

The boat arrives and the captain sees them off saying “I cant wish you luck because I know what you intend to do, but I hope you don’t die.” Every takes dingoes to the shore except for Akmenos who makes use of his boots of the ice demon to walk across the water to shore.

Once there the party is ambushed by a group of Bullywugs who identify Archibald as their target. As the party is engaged in battle Archibald goes missing, They hear a scream off into the woods. Ima find a trail on the edge of the forest and says the Archibald must have been dragged off here. Ima is able to follow the trail until almost nightfall, but the party is distracted by a cry for help in the swamps.

Quinn goes to investigate. She doesn’t get close enough to hear. But she finds a small village with six people. Five groused around one woman with giant breasts the size of dwarfs. She sees that they all seem a bit worried. She goes back and tells the party what she saw.

Desa, trys to determined what the people in the village are doing. She can tell that they are all worried and that the woman with gorged breasts feels in great pain. She also spots a Gnome who has climbed up a tree above the woman and who looks very frightened. Akmenos goes to investigate closer, and upon seeing the party approaches.

Akmenos introduces himself and asks what is up here. The human who introduces himself as Wally says that his friend the Human with huge titties is in great pain because her breasts have grown so large. Normally to keep her breasts in check she must milk them, but she has been unable to get anything out lately. “Something gumming up the works.”

Wally introduces the rest of the village that he says are outcasts.

Patricia: blinks really slow and creepy  Orc
Manus the with his tiny arms Human
Chiff the guy who experiences things 6 seconds later than everyone else Gnome
Patty the extremely lovely. Elf
Monica, the one with breasts so large she cant move . Human

The gnome leaps from the tree onto the large breasts and bounces off onto the ground.

Morris, Naomi and Quinn come come out to the village as well. Akmenos speaks with the Gnome and tells him that he has something of great importance to show him in the marsh. They go off together.

Back in the village Naomi convinces the village that Monica needs to moved inside. Morris rolls pretty high and is able to pick up the woman as well as one breast. With the help of the village Quinn is able to lift the other breast and they take her to a vacant hut. Naomi and Morris go inside.

Morris has an idea and breaths very hot air over the nips, warming them. Naomi teleports 15 feet into the air and body slams the heated breasts. Weeks worth of backed up curd cheese and milk spew out of the breasts leveling the hut and filling a large part of the village.

Wally, who seems satisfied remarks. “Well eat for weeks thanks to you.”

Naomi darts out of the village to be with the rest of the party. Morris stays in town and extends his hand for some gold for a job well done. Wally ignores him. Morris asks about Archibald, if he knows who he is. He also explains that archi was drug off into the marshes by Bullywugs. Wally says he doesn’t know Archibald but says if he is a part of the human kingdom, and if he was kidnapped by Bullywugs than he might know where they took him. He draws a map for Morris and thanks him again for saving his friend.

The party again reunited set off into the marshes following the map to where they hope they will be able to find Archibald.


also Akmenos found some bullywug trinkets on the corpses of the bullywugs after the fight on the beach, which were going to be described to us later

Tenth Session

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