Travis campaign

Eleventh Session

The party once again sets off towards Bullywug camp with a day of constant travel ahead of them. Not too long into their trek they spot a wanderer coming in their direction. The party decides to hide in the bushes before the stranger reaches them save for Akmenos who waits in the open.

The stranger greets Akmenos warmly and says some pretty cryptic but friendly things. He tells him that he is on his way to the human city. He offers good from his sack. A drink to anyone who wants one, and a small singing wooden dwarf for Akmenos. He gives a non acoholic bubbly drink to Charlie? who eventually accepts.

Morris walks out of the swamp towards the man like a maniac setting leaves on fire and breathing fire into the air. The man is un phased.

Akmenos tries to use some kind of hoo ha power and yank the stump the stranger is sitting on out from under him. But the stranger stands up in the moment the stump is removed as if he has some kind of special powers of foresight. He also seems to just know certain things. Also the dude gives Ima a vile of poison from his bag. One identical to the one Archie was holding when he was kidnapped.

As he is about to leave he reaches into his bag and picks out a coin. He tells the party that the coin can take them anywhere they want to go, all they have to do is think hard on exactly where they want to be and the coin will take them there. He flips the coin towards the party, and turns around walking away like a baller.

Morris jumps for the coin and catches it. Immediately he starts imagining where he would like to be. In a few moments he vanishes before the parties eyes. But not before Ima fires an arrow toward the head of Morris, taking his hat off right before he vanishes, pinning it to a tree.

Ima grabs the hat. But Akmenos wants the hat. They have a fight over it. Finally Ima gives the hat to Quinn, as a neutral person for safe keeping.

The party presses on. Akmenos says Quinn that he will offer something very valuable for the hat. He lets Quinn peak into his bag. Quinn is shocked by whats in the bag, but cannot let go of the hat. Akmenos says he will give him time to think about it.

A small beast chases a rabbit out of the jungle. Akmenos uses lightning luuure on the beast and cuts it throat while using gestures at Quinn letting him know how serious he is about…something. The rabbit jumps up on Quinn and Quinn snaps its neck and throws it over her shoulder, making gestures back at Akmenos. The rabbit comes back to life. And continues to cuddle with Quinn. Naomi tries to protect the creature, but it will have no part in it.

The party makes camp for the night, the hat changes owners so many time I can’t even remember who has it now (just kidding, I know) and you wake up with Ima missing.



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