Travis campaign

Eighth Session

July 26, 2013

The party finds themselves in the company of Dresden Bobanks, the leader of Hangman’s Rest. He is having a conversation with Archibald Rushba. Rushba mentions that he knew he was right, and that Dresdan’s unwillingness has now cost many human lives. Dresden is visibly shaken by the news and sends Rushba on his way. He then suggests to the party that if they want to work, they they will have to prove themselves in competition.

1. Prior to this, we were offered a thing by a guy.
2. Akmenos asks the bartender if he has any musical instruments, but he has none.
3. Akmenos sings a sad ballad but it’s slightly awkward.
4. Quinn returns to her dwelling to check on her young boy and gives a gold piece to Akmenos.
5. Morris masturbates vigorously in front of the bar. (Editor’s Note: This never happened. -A.W.)
6. Quinn starts playing her woodwind.
7. Quinn fails to make any noise whatsoever with her woodwind.
8. Akmenos exits the bar.
9. Morris gets a quick lunch composed of fine mutton, which is in reality burnt fish.
10. Morris protests the disposition of his lunch and leaves without eating it.
11. Morris eats horse meat. (Editor’s Note: It really was fine mutton this time. -A.W.)
12. Akmenos walks slowly down to the dock.
13. Morris walks slightly slowly down to the dock.
14. Everyone else walks at normal speed.
15. We are greeted by a guard, who asks if we are a “group”.
16. Quinn replies in the affirmative.
17. Ima, by Gavé, is introduced to the party.
18. The party is introduced as the Dapper Fappers and enters the ring.
19. A small crowd of pirate men, pirate women, and pirate children greets the party enthusiastically.
20. The brawl ensues.
21. Morris opens fantastically with three different blast attacks (a lightning breath, a fire breath, and a fire spell), doing great damage and earning the ire of the enemy, who focus-fired him until he was unconscious.
22. The party is fighting Hyrus the Meek, Ben Grimmace Beard, Lilly, Dirty Daria, Clubba, Wet Pants, and Exotic Witch Doctor.
23. The party is victorious
24. Dresden congratulates the party on their victory



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